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hello, livejournal!

it's been...




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happy halloween!

love, julia_goolia & pumpkin patch pete

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things have gone from bad to worse.

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my journal just underwent a total icon re-vamp. it was actually a pretty emotional endeavor. and also nostalgic. i'm surprised at how emotionally attached to some 100x100 images i've become, and how much i've grown to see them as an extension of myself.

i did make some startling discoveries:

* lord help me, i still love orlando bloom.

* i have far too many jared leto images that i'll never delete. dammit.

* aesthetics can overrule emotions.

* i like the way i title things. and what?

* i can't get rid of my header w/o paying money. lame.

* the new world. my god, the new worrrrrld.

le sigh.

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welcome, baby peter!

Momma & baby  on Twitpic

7lbs 5oz
Scottsdale, AZ
August 25, 2009

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hmmm hmmm hmmm. what to say? what to say? i'm gonna be an aunt in a couple a weeks. baby socks are just too cute. as are the little fluffy pants that make their bums look all big & bubbly.

i'm also kinda pissed that LJ took away most of my icons when they downgraded my account. not that i really use them or anything. it's just nice to know they're there. yanno?

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my internet situation has reached an all time low. basically, i'm going to have to go into a forced hiatus. (what am i talking about? i've pretty much been on hiatus for the past 6 months.)

not only has my laptop stopped stealing internet, but it won't even connect to the purchased internet at the house. or at my mom's house either! it's horse shit. i really only get internet via my blackberry. thank god for blackberries!

(not to mention my brother-in-law basically broke my computer trying to fix it.)

apologies for being so lame. as always, you can follow me on facebook &/or twitter where i am exponentially more active.

much love.

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Happy birthday, hammil77!!

So sorry this took so long. I've been working & traveling all day, but I could never forget choo, squishy.

Hope you had a fantabulous day. You deserve it!

Love&Luck&Lentil Soup,


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so, i am going to LA tomorrow to hang out with katewithak to meet the magical mister lee grinner pace on friday! woot woot!

this is my frist solo road trip, so i'm kinda nervous, but it'll be fun. i've got jeremy irons' velvety tongue to accompany me a' la the 'brideshead revisited' book on tape. foxy.

and omg our parentals are prolly gonna meet too cos they'll both be visiting over the weekend. how isane is that?!

and. i have got to say thank you to my lovely, far away friend siew for the lj gift. she is so thoughtful. i miss you, siew! how is life?!

eta: flippin' a, mr. nobody trailer....jared leto, i can't hate you enough!!!! love me.

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julia_goolia  can now be found @ twitter.

ps: school's out and i am hopelessly unemployed again. boo.

pps: and if somebody could tell me how to work this twitterberry thing i'd be very much obliged. gee, thnx.

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